Meet Porch + Pebble

Kate Cohen










I grew up in Camden on Bay View Street, and was lucky enough to return with my husband to raise our children in Maine. We enjoy boating on the ocean and visiting some of Maine’s hundreds of uninhabited islands, hanging with our kids at the lake camp for a swim, and doing a bit of paddleboarding. Midcoast Maine is a truly special spot, and Alex and I believe that whether this is your first visit or your 100th, it won’t be your last! You may run into us in Camden at Boynton Mckay or having a snack on the deck of the Waterfront. Enjoy!

Alex Cohen








After 17 successful years in Maine real estate and nearly as many in property management, I know the properties here, the market, and the lifestyle. And I work hard to share all of that with our clients. I’m so happy to share my Maine dream with my wife and four young children. We are avid boaters, skiers, and hikers who pull our own lobster traps and might just stop by your place with some of our haul. I am close with the colorful personalities that run Maine’s great art galleries, restaurants, charter fleets, and outfitters. I understand the many flavors of the Maine dream and would love to help you realize yours!