We build real relationships and trust with homeowners.

Renting out your home can be an unnerving experience. With most rental companies, it can feel like you are opening your home to a series of anonymous strangers.

But at Porch + Pebble, we tend to know our rental clients. Many are repeat customers who come back to Maine — and to us — year after year. We specialize in personally knowing those clients and their backgrounds and matching their expectations with the perfect vacation home. This personal touch means that our clients have a unique respect for the homes they rent from us. And it means you can rest assured that your home is in good hands with us.

“Kate is the ultimate 4c: classy, competent, caring, and cooperative. In a place where we didn’t know anybody, and we needed a trustworthy property manager. Kate was a godsend. Made the process easy simple and profitable. Her strength lies in her experience, and the wonderful staff and services that she hires to maintain the property.”

Happy Homeowner

Our Expertise

We work hard so that you can have peace of mind. We bring over a decade of Maine real estate experience, a thoughtful and personal approach to property care, and a network of trusted craftspeople and repair experts at the ready should any issues arise during the rental of your home.


We specialize in helping home owners navigate the surprisingly complex task of readying their home for the rental experience. This means knowing the legal obligations, but also knowing the details of what renters reasonably expect you’ll provide for them.


We thoughtfully and thoroughly screen prospective renters of your home to ensure that needs are met on all sides.






We know from years of experience that things may go wrong in a house. Whether it is plumbing, electricity, or the impact of bad weather, we’ve been there, and we will troubleshoot and solve problems at any hour of the day or night.